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I am a very creative person strongly active in music, film and other media activities.

Surrounded by many inspirations and an open mind for new things I was an active person when it came to what I enjoy.

When it came to sports I started as most kids, trying any sport that was offered and eventually narrowing it down to hockey and baseball at one point but tried tennis lessons for the heck of it at one point and started taking it more and more seriously eventually dropping both hockey and baseball to spend much more time on the court. I started practicing a lot eventually achieving top 30 in the state in the United States Tennis Association rankings for U-16 and top #1 singles on my High School team for my Junior and Senior Year of High School. I played for my first two years at Adrian College and currently am helping coach the Chelsea Middle School tennis team.

I was raised into music from the very beginning having it playing all the time in the house as a kid. As long as I can remember I wanted to be a drummer for an unknown reason, maybe it’s because of me being rhythmic, but the dream of being an outstanding drummer came true when I got a drum set for my birthday in 4th grade. Not long after I got some lessons and practiced with a passion.  Around the same time I got into the rock genre of music listening to what ever CD’s of the genre I could find leading to a large interest in the band Rush (mostly because of the amazing drumming skills of Neil Peart) whom I saw in concert. The whole rock genre because sort of a “high” so to speak in that I was always searching for something heavier and heavier to listen to leading me into the genre of heavy metal music. The more my musical interest expanded, the better my drumming skills got both in the school band, and my own thing at home. Metallica leaded to Slipknot. Triangle in concert band leaded to head snare drum on the high school drum line for my senior year. I am currently involved in the Marching, Concert and Jazz bands at Adrian College.

Not too many years back I was introduced to electronic music, dubstep, techno, house and hardstyle caught my attention. At the time of this discovery I was interested in the field of being a DJ due to Slipknot’s DJ “Starscream” Sid Wilson. The research began, I tried a few turntables out, downloaded a bunch of electronic and dance music and I now it has escalated into my most predominate hobby in that I have developed a passion for. In 2013, I got the opportunity of a life time to perform with my inspiration DJ “Starscream” of Slipknot.  Since then, I have played in the same shows as Ghasty, Truth, Eptic YOOKiE and more. On top of that I have played venues such as The Detroit Masonic Temple, St. Andrews Hall, Necto Nightclub, Elektricity Nightclub and The Works Nightclub. 

With the interest in DJing soon came the interest in making my own music as both a chance to express my musical talent in a new way as well as add a unique flare to my DJ sets. What started as making melodies and beats on an iPod music application has become making full songs in a home studio to share with the world. You can check out my tracks in the music section of this site! 

Like I said I am a very creative person and I love creation. It all began with little drawings I would do of famous comic book characters like Spider-Man and the X-Men when I was very young. Throughout that time my parents were showing me famous movies non stop, my favorite being the Star Wars saga which I still obsess over to this day. I thought movie making is a perfect way of using the creativity built up inside my head, I could make my own characters, story and plot together making a visual adaptation for the purpose of entertainment. I started to take this passion seriously when I had my cousins over a couple of years after thanksgiving. In our obsession over the video game Mortal Kombat, I thought it would be awesome to make our own adaptation of it. So we dressed up as ninjas and other crazy characters we could come up with and beat each other up on a small digital camera. I made a You Tube account with a catchy name and posted what we had. It all developed into me making up more and more stories as my interest and inspirations from Hollywood movies expanded. We started making different types of videos and kept posted them to the site quite often. Now we have over 70 videos and recently expanded into the realm of gaming, review and reaction videos.

That’s my interests in a nutshell!


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My name is Garrett and I have a lot of hobbies!

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